Map shows: Paraná is more ‘solar’ than previously thought

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According to the “Solar Map” project of Itaipu the state of Paraná has untapped potential – and this is also because of a wrong image about the use of solar energy!

The map of solar potencial in Paraná. Credit: Divulação / Itaipu

“Paraná has a great potential for solar energy to be explored. The average values of radiation and productivity of the State is higher than in 29 countries in Europe and 59% higher than the average of Germany, the country with the largest installed capacity in the world “This information is part of the latest survey, done in 2006. This database is undergoing an update and will be part of the first Solar Energy Atlas of Paraná, which is expected to be released in the second half of April.

Read more about the project Solar Map on the website of Itaipu [only Portuguese] and see the news article on Portal Paraná [only Portuguese]!


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