From garbage to electricity: São Paulo gets the largest green thermal plant in Latin America

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[This article was published in the Gazeta do Povo newspaper on 10/31/16, read the full article here]

Example of use of garbage for power generation, a biogas-powered landfill plant has the capacity to provide electricity to a city of up to 300,000 inhabitants.

img_20151118_151349150Project that turns methane gas from waste into electricity cost US $ 100 million. | With the potential to generate 29.5 megawatts (MW) of clean energy from urban waste, the largest biogas plant in Latin America was recently inaugurated in the Greater São Paulo region. The Termoverde, installed in the landfill of the municipality of Caieiras, produces energy from methane and emerges as an important energetic reinforcement for the region. The total cost of the project was R $ 100 million.

Built by the Solví Group in an area of 15 thousand m², the thermoelectric generates 26 MW per hour, enough energy to supply a city of 300 thousand inhabitants. The facility began to be built in 2014 and obtained authorization from the National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL) to start operations in July this year.


According to Carlos Bezerra, director of Termoverde Caieiras, the implementation of the biogas plant was only possible thanks to some incentives
Governmental organizations that made the project viable. “The discount of the Tariff for the Use of Electric Distribution Systems (TUSD) by ANEEL; The exemption of PIS / COFINS /ra/pequena/Pub/GP/p4/2016/10/31/Economia/Imagens/Futuro/aereaB.jpg by the federal government and ICMS by the state government made possible the installation. But it’s still little. An adequate public policy to encourage renewable energy is needed to have more power plants like these. ”

[This article was published in the Gazeta do Povo newspaper on 10/31/16, check out the full article here]

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